Where is skeppy from

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Zak Ahmed, better known as Skeppy online, is a Minecraft Youtuber with over 3. He is currently 20 years of age, and lives in Clearwater, Florida, United States. He occasionally does videos on Hypixel, or custom maps with other YouTubers.

He also has a second channel called Skep, where he uploads similar Minecraft content every so often. See Skeppy's Subscriber Count and his Subscriber milestones here. He does most of his videos on that server, but goes on other servers occasionally. His main account is called Skeppy in-game, and he has changed his skin many times, although most of them are just different versions of his normal skin. Apart from the block skins for hide-and-seek on his server.

See his full skin list here. See both full lists here. Skeppy is good friends with many other Minecraft Youtubers. In almost every video, he has at least one Youtuber guest. Most of the time, it is BadBoyHalo. Here is a list of Youtubers who have only appeared once on his channel.

Skeppy has created and revived many memes over the course of his channel. Many of then were to aggrovate BadBoyHaloas always does videos trolling him. More prominent memes are bolded. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Zak Ahmed [1] born: January 17, [age 20]better known online as Skeppyis an American gaming YouTuber.

His content has lately been mostly focusing on challenge videos in Minecraft where he gives out challenges to from to players.

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He used to make a lot of videos on "Minecraft but Though he has stopped making these lately and will most likely never come back. Zak usually collaborates with other Minecraft YouTubers when doing these types of videos. He mainly features BadBoyHalo, Spifey, 09sharkboy, etc. When a player wins, they usually get to shout out or say whatever they please to Zak's audience. There have been some instances where there have been no winners when the last two people die at the same time.

This rarely occurs though. Zak still does a lot of these "Trapping Kids in a You may not expect older content from him, though he has stated with BadBoyHalo on the Skep channel video: an entire Minecraft server was made FOR ME?

where is skeppy from

The tournament consists of 10 teams and 40 players, featuring a variety of custom minigames. The prize is a special MCC coin by Noxcrew. Skeppy Officially debuted in MCC2. He was one of the many new players to be introduced to the tournament. His 2nd channel, Skep, usually has other videos that are related to playing Hypixel and Wool Wars with Bad, a6d, and others.

Occasionally, it also gets bonus clips from his main channel videos. Fans have seen higher quality thumbnails which predict them to think that Zak has hired somebody else to create his thumbnails.

He has stated that either JustVurb or F1nn5ter. He recently added SkeppysLab formerly The Trio where he uploads videos with a face cam. There have been some reuploads of the videos that were previously on the channel. It has less than 3, subscribers. Zak also had a joint channel with his friends, BadBoyHalo and a6d called The Trio previously Muffin Squad, and InvadedLands where they upload podcasts and play various games like Skribbl.

As ofhe has quit The Trio. He announced that "he doesn't want toxicity to be related to him", but he hasn't given public reasoning what toxicity he was talking about.

However, on August 6th, he deleted that tweet for an unknown reason. Zelkam does similar content like Skeppyon his channel. He hosts many events on his server. His server is where he does most of his trolling, mostly being on hackers, who he usually bans after messing with them. He also trolls new players, usually on KitPVP, but usually compensates for this by gifting them a free rank.

What ethnicity Is Skeppy? Everything you need to know about the gamer

He also trolls a lot in his minigame known as "Zelkam Says", where the players, like Simon Says have to do as he says, or they die, loves trolling BadBoyHalo and sometimes with a6d.Just a simple reminder that article is created and owned only by biographytribune. Article cannot be re-published in any other pages or documents.

Copyright is protected by DMCA. All found copies will be reported. So, do you want to find out more about Skeppy, from his childhood years to most recent career endeavors, including his personal life as well?

where is skeppy from

If yes, then stay with us for a while, as we introduce you to this prominent gamer and YouTube star. Some of his fans thought that he lives somewhere in Florida now, but that is not the case. Hopefully, he changes his mind in the future and starts sharing more information from his life when he was just a regular guy. Skeppy Career Beginnings Skeppy became familiar with YouTube as early as ; he started a few channels before the Skeppy channel was created in He continued to upload videos on a weekly basis, and the number of his subscribers has increased steadily.

Skeppy was becoming more popular, and it was in December that his channel reachedsubscribers. On the 5th Junehis channel reached the one million mark. Skeppy Net Worth Since launching his career, Skeppy has become an extremely popular YouTuber, and his success has increased his net worth by a large margin.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Skeppy is, as of mid- ? Undoubtedly, his wealth will increase in the upcoming years, assuming that he successfully continues his career in the upcoming years. Hopefully, this young YouTube star starts sharing more information from his love life and his interests, besides the gaming world. Some fans were disappointed, some were delighted — what is your comment? Here is the video.

Where does Skeppy live? Wiki, Age, real name, face, girlfriend

YouTube has made Skeppy a star, and since then he has made a name for himself on social media platforms too, especially on Twitter. His official Twitter page has more than 80, followers, with whom he has shared his most recent career endeavors, including the tweet about reaching one million followers, among numerous other posts, which also showcases his opinions, ideas, and interests. Hopefully, he starts these pages in the near future, as fans are certain that he would have so much to share with them View this post on Instagram hey since i post on this about once a year go add my snapchat: skeppysnaps i post some more trash content on there.

He said it in a recent video. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Skeppy real name: Zak Ahmed is one of the fastest-growing YouTube gamers in the world. In Mayhis main channel had K subscribers, and in Septemberit has 3.

His four channels have a combined following of close to five million. The humor in his videos makes them so much more enjoyable than basic Minecraft videos. Furthermore, even without the jokes, Skeppy is quite skilled in Minecraft.

Will you ever swap Minecraft for another game? Skeppy has indeed gotten bored of Minecraft, but he always finds a way to make it more interesting.

But, if I am being honest, I had this one point where I was doing the same thing over and over and then I got super bored with that, and I came pretty close to quitting Minecraft and I never told anyone. Skeppy had tried vlogging in the past, but he deleted most of the videos on his vlog channel. However, he seems intent on diversifying his content.

I sit at my computer all day and I do nothing with my life. They keep doing so despite Skeppy clarifying that he is straight. Skeppy might have no luck in the relationship department, but he seems content with the love he gets from family. Born on 17th JanuarySkeppy grew up alongside his sister in Columbus, Ohio. Upon investigation, it turned out that RundownHD ran a Fortnite channel, which he used to scam children for money by claiming that he would friend them on Epic games.

Skeppy addressed him via the following tweet :. Not cool.There are no previous records of him dating. However, the single Minecraft gamer was looking for a girlfriend in the game.

The YouTuber is dedicated to his YouTube career. He loves playing Minecraft along with his sister. Skeppy is an American YouTuber. Zak is renowned for his Minecraft gaming vlogs that went viral on YouTube. He has a sister. He shares a very strong bond with his family.

They are of Caucasian ancestry.

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Last on the 25th of December, they were spotted having dinner together. He started his career at the age of 15 as a YouTuber.

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On the 15th of Januaryhe created his first YouTube channel. However, he uploaded his first video, Invadedlands. After the video, he started uploading the videos continuously which gradually started pulling the attention of many people. The views on the video were gradually increasing along with the subscribers too. In Decemberhe earned his 10k subscribers on the channel.

On the 22nd of Junehe started his second channel, Zak. However, she forgave her when she received the present from him. He also has a self-titled YouTube channel with 1. He also has a second channel, Zak with Married Biography.

Skeppy Zak Bio. Posted on January 19, His Instagram posts suggest that evening is the best part of the day for him. Inside Biography 1 Who is Skeppy Zak? Shari Franke. Tags : American youtuber Minecraft Game Vlogger. Marital Status:. Married Date:. Birth Date:.

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where is skeppy from

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